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For Restaurants and Retailers

Sake Verkostung

Premium sake for restaurant owners, retailers and other business clients

You don’t know Japanese sake that well, but you’d like to use it to surprise and amaze your customers, giving your business that edge?

Has a strong in-house selection of sake become essential and your guests and customers can no longer do without?

As professional importers, sake experts and distributors with more than 15 years’ experience we are well acquainted with such situations.

We are happy to introduce a fitting selection of sake into your restaurant or shop that will suit you, your guests and customers, and that will complement your menu and current product range.

For restaurants and shops with an existing sake menu, we offer our advice to analyse, expand or consolidate your selection, based on your preferences. If your sake range is well-established, we will happily support you in creating a written sake menu in English, German or Japanese.

We are with you every step of the way.

Sake is a drink that wants to be shared with your guests and customers.

We offer the necessary classes and training courses to make it possible for your staff to enjoy and succeed with their sake expertise.

Finally, we can provide regular seminars and training programmes to update, improve and preserve your staff’s detailed sake-knowledge.


Shipment within Berlin of 12 bottles or more is free with our courier. Outside of Berlin, we use DHL or in special cases, a delivery company is also possible.

We do not have a minimum order requirement so that you can easily try the sake first and it will always be fresh. You can set the amount you order to exactly fit your needs.

Our services for gastronomes and restaurateurs:

  • Advice regarding your sake range.
  • Matching sake and food.
  • Creating a sake menu in English, German or Japanese.
  • Training on serving temperature, drinking and serving vessels, correct sake storage.
  • Regular seminars and training programmes to update, improve and preserve your staff’s detailed knowledge.
  • Events and expert-run tasting sessions in your restaurant.

Our services for wholesale and retail:

  • Assistance when selecting your sake range
  • Guidance on displaying and positioning your sake range in store.
  • Information regarding correct sake storage.
  • Introductory courses and top-up training classes for staff.
  • Events and expert-run tasting sessions at your location.


Contact us…

if you are a restaurant or business owner with a question about sake, we are more than happy to help you further.

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Anselm Huppenbauer
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